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Lake Erie Distillery




We are a small craft distillery focused on providing the finest liquor available at a reasonable price. Our products have been compared to those costing 3 or 4 times more. Yes, they are that good.

We start with using locally sourced ingredients. We use carbon neutral / green products whenever possible. Our ingredients are Non-GMO and sustainable. Our used grains are provided for free as animal feed to local farmers. Our cooling waters are recycled into our mash units.

Its about making a great product and being environmentally friendly. Of course, all of are products are gluten free.

Our equipment is of the latest technology. Our main still is computer controlled providing a repeatable and consistent product. All of our equipment is PID / PLC controlled to maximize our energy efficiency.
But what matters is the product. Each batch is processed in a “small batch manner”. This gives us tremendous control over the process. Its about making a small amount of a great product not making a lot of a mediocre product. Our grain bills are carefully controlled and monitored. Our fermentation is charted every 15 minutes and documented electronically. Our distillation process is monitored by a person from start to finish to ensure the product in the barrel is the best it can be.
We are passionate, innovative, and driven to be the best at what we do. You can taste it in every bottle.
I will not make a product that I will not drink. I started this company because there are too many micro distilleries making terrible liquor. After some complaining about the quality I was told, “If you don’t like it – you should make your own”. And so I did.

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